Three years ago I had the opportunity to acquire a series of 30 precious, legal, CITES certified chestnut brown elephant hair bracelets of the highest quality. I sensed that such hair would become an increasingly rare commodity so I took the bold decision to invest. Three years later, and as I predicted, it is almost impossible to find a jewel-worthy, legal elephant hair bracelet for sale.


I design and manufacture my elephant hair bracelets with one goal in mind. Namely, to create an indestructible and timeless masterpiece, using only the finest techniques and materials. Neither expense nor effort is spared because, in my view, this is crucial for the user-friendliness and aesthetic properties of the jewel. The use of solid 18 carat gold or platinum is standard and the addition of precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond is optional.


If you frown upon reading the term ‘elephant hair’, don't worry. It refers to the respectful re-use of tail hair that fell out prior to 2016. The hair was picked up at feeding places along ancient elephant routes, under the certification and strict supervision of the reserve. From 2016 onwards, the trading of newly collected elephant hair has not been permitted. Currently, only elephant hair products from old stock may be sold, provided they are CITES certified and while stocks last.


Elephants are internationally known as the 'elite' among the animal kingdom and are much loved for their intelligence, loyalty, and protective and caring nature. In Africa, the elephant has been a symbol of the bond between heaven and earth for thousands of years. According to an ancient myth, wearing an elephant hair bracelet brought heavenly protection, blessings and prosperity. Without a doubt it can be said that an elephant hair bracelet helps the owner to remember and respect the virtues of the elephant while prompting a life lived in harmony with heaven, earth and fellow human beings.

1 - 5

€ 25.000