Atelier VAN RIXEL is known for its innovative, audacious high end jewellery designs and bespoke craftsmanship.

Absolutely everything VAN RIXEL designs, is manufactured by himself, only on request.

Bespoke jewellery design and craftsmanship by VAN RIXEL are the result of 25 years perfecting his skills as a designer, innovator, developer and craftsman.

The harmonious tension of each work reflects many years of sketching, endless perfecting lines, proportions, beautiful transitions and structures, techniques, wearing comfort and quality.

For these reasons every new creation can be considered as a piece of art, especially when one considers that each new creation is unique.

No matter from which position a VAN RIXEL creation will be viewed, even the most spoiled eye will be caressed and intrigued…

Every opportunity within the framework of design and craftsmanship has been fully utilized. No concessions will be done in terms of form, technique, material, effort and time investment.

Excellence can only be achieved by a combination of passion, dedication and hard work. That’s exactly why each creation from Atelier VAN RIXEL is able to stand out from the international crowd.

No matter what wish or challenge will be offered, VAN RIXEL will guarantee originality, outstanding craftsmanship and above all a never ending feeling of excitement when looking at the final result…

Bespoke Jewellery Design - Studio VAN RIXEL



Beautiful presentation is priceless!

Therefore all VAN RIXEL creations are presented with the care and dedication with which they are made.

The PANTHEON Box has been designed and developed with only one goal in mind: to fascinate.

In 2020, an almost 2000 year old Roman Architectural masterpiece became a source of inspiration and starting point in the objective to develop a unique circulair High End jewellery packaging.

After a two years of intensive product development, a completely new jewellery box has been created from exactly the same material the ancient Romans created the famous dome of the Pantheon in Rome with, the so called ‘Opus Cementum’.

The famous ‘Cassette-technique’ borrowed from the ceiling of the Pantheon has been source of inspiration in order to elegantly display the VAN RIXEL masterpieces as a piece of Art.

VAN RIXEL has been carefully redesigning the ancient cassette concept in order to create an intriguing illusional dept experience when opening the Pantheon Box.

Besides the conceptional and illusional uniqueness, use of the ‘Opus Cementum’ makes the PANTHEON Box highly intriguing by its impressive weight, structure and temperature.

All in all, the Pantheon Box will stimulate the senses, surprise the mind and will fascinate the eye.

It’s designed to serve the essence and purpose of VAN RIXEL’s jewellery, to be unconventional and by this intrigue…



As a High End, Bespoke Jewellery designer and creator, VAN RIXEL personally guarantees his product from A to Z.

He designs, develops and manufactures everything himself with the aim of maximizing quality, aesthetics, durability, wearing comfort, treating the eye and the senses for a never lasting journey.

This sense of responsibility is clearly transmitted in the atmosphere in which the meeting, the conversation and the creative process takes place.

Studio VAN RIXEL is therefore an intimate and atmospheric room which offers an almost addictive feeling of comfort and quality with a wide view on the Singel Canal in order to contribute to an optimal experience.

Thoughts, ambitions and emotions can be shared without being disturbed and where privacy is fully guaranteed.

Masterpieces are elegantly wall displayed in levitating Pantheon Boxes as true works of art.

Jewellery will be delicately gift packed by VAN RIXEL himself and sealed with his master signet ring on site.

When you look for the best and most personal products and services within the field of bespoke jewellery & design, then this is the véry place!